About project

EDU+ project is an answer to the Council of the European Union recommendation of the 19th of December 2016: “Upskilling Pathways – New opportunities for adults” in which the necessity of activating paths for basic skills improvement is highlighted with a regard to selected target groups of adults.

The recommendation suggests the realisation of a three-stage, individualised educational support for people with low basic skills (such as writing, text understanding, mathematical reasoning, digital skills and other skills necessary for active participation in social and working life) from selected priority groups.

The necessity of creating attractive and flexible offer of support for people of the lowest basic skills level, including actions enabling career change, were also indicated in the Strategy for Responsible Development as crucial for the improvement of human capital in Poland.

Our international project is intended for preceptors/educators (including teachers, tutors, mentors etc.) – employees and volunteers of our organisations.

It concerns united preparation and testing of proposals for the activation in favour of adults with a low basic skills and/or education level, which can be a threat in the shape of them being disqualified from both labour market and community life.

Three non-governmental organisations will be working together, sharing their ideas and educational experiences. Actions will consist in joint model developing and testing, designing support proposals for adults with a low basic skills level, e.g. learning throughout whole life.

Within this project we want to share our experience with other educators from cooperating organisations and learn good practices from them.

Effects of our project will help the teachers/educators to conduct lessons in a way, which will enable adults with a low level of skills, knowledge and abilities to (depending on their needs):

– achieve at least a minimal level of reading and writing skills, and mathematical reasoning (including counting);


– achieve broader set of skills, relevant for labour market and active participation in the society,

Actions fulfilled in the project will be systematised according to three major steps: identification and valuation of acquired skills; preparation of an individual-oriented offer; validation and confirmation of acquired skills (effects of learning).

Learning new methods and solutions for work organisation in Poland, Spain and Slovenia– countries different in terms of culture – as well as culture and tradition of those countries will contribute to enhancement of the level of knowledge and qualifications, and have an influence on the high quality of materials deigned by us.

The final product of our project will be the guidebook containing good practices, effective methods, and interesting programmes of lessons and workshops, that promote the development of relevant and high quality skills and competences, especially those aimed at promoting employability and socio-educational and personal development, as well as participation in social and civic life and which will be available on our organisations’ websites and Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE).

Project partners will also distribute the results among their co-workers from the European sector of adult education.

Enhancing educators’ competencies will be a valuable contribution to the European area of skills and qualifications.

Its dimension will be local, domestic, and European, and its final recipients will be listeners of lower social chances, or the disabled people.