All of the planned project activities are meant to achieve the set goals and planned results.

The main goals of our project will be:

– Analysis of definitions and national legal documents,
– Criteria for choosing and reviewing the participants,
– Standard working techniques (aimed at various target groups, established based on innovative methods),
– Sets of outlines/class schedules.


The first international meeting will take place in Poland. That is where the presentation of participants, organizations will be made. Going over the basics regarding the project, including the schedule, rules of cooperation (financing, evaluation, publishing the results, people responsible for specific tasks) and introductory assumptions regarding project promotion on the local market. We will present and choose the project motto. All participants will present definitions used in each partner country, statistical data, information regarding studies, reports made in their country, etc.

Result: Analysis of definitions and national legal documents

Tasks to perform before the second international meeting in Slovenia:


Active methods of reaching those who are most in need – each organization will propose their criteria for choosing and pick a group of adults with whom our educators will test the ideas prepared within the partnership. They will also propose methods of reviewing the skills of said people.

Result: Criteria for choosing and reviewing the participants – adults with low-level skills


Brainstorming at each organization – after choosing the target group – we will create a catalog of interesting educational forms meant to teach adults with a low level of basic abilities or education, which can cause them to be excluded from the labor market and social life. The educational offer will be adjusted to each group individually. The methods will be innovative in terms of the form (e.g. learning at work, field workshops, games and contests), as well as the time which will be adjusted to the individual needs and specifics of each adult. We will be sharing examples with our partners. There will be practical workshops, discussions, evaluations.

We must remember that school is not a natural learning environment for adults, hence why the proposed forms should be mostly of extracurricular nature.

Result: Standard working techniques (aimed at various target groups, established based on innovative methods)

During the meeting in Slovenia, we will present the results of our work and discuss potential errors under the supervision of invited experts. There will be practical workshops, discussions, evaluations.

Tasks to perform before the third international meeting in Spain:


After presenting the proposed suggestions of active training by the partners – each organization will test the ideas of other partners in order to create interesting didactic materials. They will be reviewed in practice by our listeners. We will be promoting examples of common practices. The educational staff will be improving professionally. There will be validation and confirmation of acquired skills (learning effects of the adults).

Result: Sets of outlines/class schedules, didactic materials

During the meeting in Spain, we will approve the final version of the materials we created, talk about the elements related to publishing the results.

The methodology used during the implementation of the tasks: active participation, using common practices, self-presentation, creative actions, self-reflection, observation of the model classes, using the latest technologies that support the didactic process, brainstorming.