Tržič Public Education Institution (Ljudska univerza Tržič) was founded in 1959. At first, it functioned as an independent institute, the Tržič Workers’ University, and later as a unit within the Tržič Institute of Culture and Education (Zavod za kulturo in izobraževanje Tržič). In 1999, the Tržič Municipality issued Ordinance establishing the TRŽIČ PUBLIC EDUCATION INSTITUTION and it started operating as an independent public institution for adult education on 14 March.

Our aim is:

• To increase youngsters’ and adults’ capacity to play an active role in the society and develop their intercultural awareness, being active European citizens.

• To develop cooperation, as this would lead to a better education and culture for the adults.

• To plan, promote and implement innovating projects, courses and seminars for all citizens – the youth and adults- within a lasting program of a life-long learning, aiming at the promotion of Democracy, Peace, Solidarity and better Education.

Our target groups are local community young people, senior citizens, adult learners, unemployed people, older and less educated workers,  women of all ages, immigrants, adults with special needs in basic education and qualifications.

The institution’s principal activity is adult education, which comprises education, further study courses, training and teaching for people who would like to gain new or update, expand and broaden their knowledge. For the needs of adults and adolescents, the institution organizes primary and secondary schools, as well as various courses and types of non-formal education. An increasing number of people engage in these education forms in order to satisfy their need for personal intellectual development. What attracts attention is the Independent Learning Centre, which is free of charge for every citizen. In this centre, many people learn foreign languages and computer sciences or just make use of computers with internet access. In recent years, the Tržič Public Education Institution has been co-operating in the implementation of local and national projects for older workers and long term unemployed people, who need social activation. It has also taken part in some international co-operation projects.

Organization has a long experience on projects working with adults. We are offering courses, seminars and workshops of formal and non-formal education to the local citizens of Tržič and Gorenjska area in order to be active European citizens and trying to give broad-mindedness to our activities, courses and to our work. We try to give to the citizens meaning in life, make them responsible, with their own voice and contributing to the evolution of their personality.  Among our fields we offer to them are:  theatre, painting, music, arts and crafts, psychology, preservation of cultural heritage, social work, education and training, consulting. All this activities are important to gain valuable target groups.

For the past 10 years we try to integrate valuable learners. We cooperate with local organization for adults with special need, where our teachers perform different national programs named “Training for Success in Life” for ascent of reading, writing literacy… .